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Home of Dreams Orphanage 

What does a world without servant leaders look like? Why don’t we care about those who are struggling until it’s too late? Far too often, innocent children suffer under oppression and despots, simply because they are born in a certain corner of the world. They are an afterthought, overlooked and passed over. Something needs to be done.

At the age of 16, Wanume Lasuli, a 22-year-old warrior, took on the challenge of creating an orphanage in hopes that the children he looked after would grow into strong men and women, able to love their lives and use their stories to bring real change to Uganda. Home of Dreams Orphanage, located in Kalalu Village, in the Bugweri District of Eastern Uganda, is in an area lacking resources. What it isn’t lacking, is children who need help.

Lasuli’s orphanage is currently housing, loving, and raising 20 young Ugandan children, or as we call them, “little angels.” Lasuli is doing his part to change lives and now we must do our part. While not everyone can be a parent or a teacher to these little angels, everyone can provide them with the essentials needed to thrive. Our mission, with Lasuli, is to create a stable pipeline that will not only provide ample resources, but also create a conducive learning and living environment that can grow into an incredible force for good in Uganda.

Thousands of children in Uganda do not have access to schooling, clean water, and/or functioning toilets. In 2003, the Ugandan government spent 20 percent of its national budget on schooling. Today in 2020, that number is below ten percent. Less money for education means less opportunities for the youth of this great nation. This is even more alarming when combined with a growing youth population. 53.6% of the country’s population was below the age of 18 in 2018. There are also an estimated 2.5 million orphans living in Uganda.

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We have four goals for Home of Dreams Orphanage: sustainability, self-reliance, security and education. We’ve recently supplied two milking goats and a bicycle to aid in fetching moderately clean water from a far-away well. A system of muddy holes designed to catch rainwater, boiled to sanitization, was their previous method. No human should live this way.

We have a chance to create real change and we want YOU to be a part of it. Uganda’s orphans are often seen as a lost cause. In the absence of parents’ love and nurturing, children are likely to drop out of school, end up on the streets and far too often, turn to drugs and alcohol. This absence shouldn’t disqualify a child from receiving resources and love.

This is a solvable problem. We are striving to create change today, tomorrow, and far into the future. We are asking for everyone to rally together behind Lasuli’s beautiful mission. Today, we ask you to stand up and offer even the smallest amount of financial assistance to our friend, Wanume Lasuli, for his orphanage in Uganda.

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